Sunday, September 5, 2010

What is SPX Fitness?

SPX Fitness is an innovative workout program created by Sebastian Lagree that is geared towards taking the concepts of Pilates to the next level.  Also referred to as Pilates Plus, this program is based primarily on the fundamental principles of Pilates, but also includes aspects of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning programs as well.  This unique approach allows users to experience endless benefits in their training including weight loss, greater strength and endurance, a leaner more athletic appearance, and better posture and flexibility. SPX Fitness prides itself on having a wide variety of exercises that you cannot find in a regular Pilates or strength training class.  This ensures that every workout will be different, no matter how often you attend classes, and guarantees that you will continuously be challenged and never bored.  What makes SPX Fitness different from traditional pilates is that it utilizes the PROFORMER (see picture below), a one of a kind machine that is only available to licensed studios.  Unlike traditional Pilates reformers, the PROFORMER allows its users to perform exercises in counter resistance which makes the workout more intense and promotes greater stability of joints and spine. 

SPX Fitness is the preferred workout among LA's elite and celebrities alike.  It is now expanding across the country and throughout the world.  BT Fitness is proud to be the only studio in San Clemente to offer this cutting edge workout in an intimate group class format. Co-Owner Kimberly Brower is a certified SPX Fitness Instructor and has also been an avid practitioner for the last 3 years.  She has taken classes with some of the most experienced SPX Fitness instructors and has dedicated her time to master the program under the direct instruction of Sebastian Lagree.  For more information on SPX Fitness and the science behind it please visit SPX Fitness      

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