Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kimberly's 4 Core Med Ball Drills

There are many great tools available in the fitness world today that can really give you an amazing workout. The medicine ball is definitely one of them.  Used in almost every conditioning program for every kind of athlete it is no wonder this tool has gotten so much recognition.  It allows its user to train in endless movements, with endless exercise combinations, and allows every muscle in the body to work together at the same time.  This is why at BT Fitness we incorporate this valuable tool into our group class format.  It's versatility makes it easy to combine with the TRX and The Proformer.  However, even used on it's own you can get an incredible high intensity fat burning workout.  Below I have illustrated 4 great exercises that anyone can do to work the whole body, build great balance & core strength, and really increase heart rate. These exercises give you an idea of what we are all about at BT Fitness.  We use only the most effective exercise selection geared towards building a lean and athletic body.  Enjoy!

1. Med Ball Squat to Overhead Throw: Great for working your legs, abs, back, and shoulders and if done at a fast pace can really get your heart rate up.

2. Med Ball Overhead Lunge: Great for strengthening posture, abs, legs, and improving balance.


3.  Med Ball Uneven Push Up: Great for building upper body strength and core stability


4.  Med Ball Curl Up: Great for strengthening your abs and postural muscles by incorporating the nice tall reach at the top. 


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