Saturday, September 18, 2010

Suspension & Kettlebell Training

Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Fitness Professional Adam Tombelaine is getting set to take athletic training to a whole new level in San Clemente, California.  His classes will make up the other half of BT Fitness and will utilize the TRX suspension training system along with kettlebells, stability balls, resistance bands, and body weight sport specific plyometrics to keep heart rate and intensity high.  The TRX is a tool that has been recently introduced into the fitness training community and offers endless benefits.  It's philosophy is simply maximizing the body's ability to move.  With the TRX you are forced to stabilize your own body weight with every exercise therefore getting incredible benefits in core strength and performance that simply cannot be achieved with conventional machines.  This makes the TRX a truly innovative and functional piece of exercise equipment complimenting the SPX Fitness workouts perfectly.

In addition to the TRX, we will also be offering high intensity kettlebell training classes.  Kettlebells have recently gained tons of attention in their ability to burn fat, build strength, and foster better power and athleticism.  The movements used in kettlebell training teach the body to work as a single unit to stabilize against resistance and to use that resistance to produce greater force output.  What this means for  you is greater intensity and faster results.  As a former Master Instructor for Equinox Fitness Clubs and an accomplished Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA, Adam has spent hours training athletes and fitness enthusiasts using these training tools.  He has dedicated himself to developing the most effective programs that deliver the best results in a private training format.  This experience will now be utilized in a group class format to give you the same attention and structure as a private 1on1 session but for a fraction of the cost.  Adam is excited to introduce this training style to our San Clemente studio beginning January 2011.  Come out and take a class for yourself to see and feel the difference!  

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