Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What are all these videos/photos meant to show you?

A few people have asked "what is the point of your videos and photos?" and we realized that you also may be wondering why all of our videos/photos are shot on a high school football field. Well the truth is that our studio is not ready yet, so unfortunately we are not able to film there. However, we are excited to share with you some of the exercises and equipment that will be offered at BT Fitness once it is opened. These videos and photos are just demos for you to see some of the exercises that you yourself will be able to do in our group classes. Of course, when our studio is ready, we will start filming demos there so you can see the exact layout of our place, but for now we hope you understand our temporary filming location. If you ever have any questions regarding form, technique or exercise progression, please feel free to send us a comment via email or on our Facebook page. Your suggestions/comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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