Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lower Body Metabolic Workout Revealed

The reason this workout is incredibly effective for burning fat and increasing lower body strength is it focuses on working all of the big calorie burning muscles around the hips and also combines high intensity sprint intervals as seen in the swing and sprint combo. 

Kettlebell Swing X 30 second and 30 yard sprint 
Coupling a demanding exercise like the kettlebell swing (which not only improves hip & lower body strength but core stability as well) with a heart rate intensive exercise like a short sprint really revs up the metabolism.  This circuit is done first in this series because it is the most demanding and requires the most stability so it should be placed at the beginning of the workout to not only get the most benefit out of it but to also reduce any risk of injury. 

TRX Squat, Jump Squat, Single Leg Squat, Lateral Jump Squat
Moving from this circuit into some slightly assisted TRX lower body training geared toward balance, stability, and single leg strength is a great way to create a well rounded lower body focused routine.  The drills performed in this video include the squat, jump squat, single leg squat, and lateral jump squat.  These exercises are also done on a timed format so that heart rate and metabolism stay elevated during the remainder of the workout.  The set and rest time is kept equal keeping the intensity high and the duration shorter.  This entire workout took Kimberly about 35min but her metabolism will likely remain elevated for at least the next 24 hours.  

We are excited to offer specific instruction on form, technique, and progression at our set to open early next year.  We pride ourselves on giving the most focused instruction on these dynamic movement combinations that challenge the body to work outside of it's comfort zone as this is the only way to initiate change.  This is the premise of our motto: Transform Your Fitness... Transform Your Body.       

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