Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Healthy Snacking Options

When people are out and about for a quick bite to quench hunger they often can find very healthy non-processed options in some of the least expected places. A lot of times people will search the nearest fast food spot, or sandwich shop, or even pick up a pastry at Starbucks with their coffee. Most of the time these options are high in fat, sodium, and refined sugars. They will likely cause spikes in blood sugar and potential unwanted fat storage. However, the picture you see above is an eight piece spicy tuna roll with fresh minced tuna, avocado, sprouts, and wrapped in cucumber and best of all it was made right in front of me! Which sushi restaurant did I have to call in advance and then drive to to pick this up? I purchased this snack from the local grocery store where they have an employee who makes fresh sushi everyday from 10-2. The best part this only cost me $7 and packed only about 250 cals. Not only that but it is rich in protein, unsaturated fat, it's non-processed, and very delicious. The moral of the story here is for the same cost of a meal at a fast food restaurant I was able to get a very healthy low calorie meal with quality ingredients to tied me over for a couple hours. These are the kinds of strategies that can make or break an eating plan and the more strategic you can get the greater your chances will be for success in your program!    

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