Saturday, November 20, 2010

NFBA Workshop - We Can All Learn Something New

We recently attended a two day workshop in Newport Beach, CA sponsored by the National Fitness Business Alliance where we were given the ability to hear from well-known, successful fitness professionals from throughout the country. Led by key note speaker Thomas Plummer, who has years of experience in opening fitness facilities, helping traditional box gyms adapt to the ever changing fitness industry, and in helping fitness business owners make the most of their product, the workshop was aimed at giving individuals who own or manage fitness facilities a look into where the fitness industry is going and how to adapt with the changes. In addition to Thom Plummer, we heard Bill Parisi, founder of Parisi Speed School, talk about the obstacles he had to overcome to open his facility back in the 90s and we heard Alwyn Cosgrove speak informally on his opinion on running a fitness facility. On the second day, we were lead by Bill Parisi and representatives of Fitness Anywhere, Perform Better, and Star Trac in a pretty aggressive workout that included a TRX, kettlebells, super bands, undulation ropes, medicine balls and resistance bands.

Here's what we learned and what we plan to take with us in our goal of opening up a fitness studio that seeks to transform fitness in a way that most people are not used to:

1. RESULTS are the product (not classes or private training)

2. Train everyone (from professional athletes to stay at home moms) like an athlete to improve performance in their every day lives

3. Train the client in a way that they could do the workout on their own if you aren't there - it's not about how many reps they are doing, but rather educating the client about why they are doing an exercise

Once the workshop was over, we had a bit of time for some fun. Fitness Anywhere held a 40/40 Challenge on the TRX , where you had to do 40 Atomic Push Ups, only 1 minute rest, then 40 Body Weight Rows. Instead of participating myself, I graciously volunteered Adam for the challenge (you'll see why when you watch the video) because I knew if anyone could complete the challenge, he could. He put up a strong fight by knocking out the first 40 Atomic Push Ups in an amazing pace. I was convinced he was going to win. Watch the video to see how the challenge ended...

Adam did an awesome job representing us in the challenge! He also wants me to make it known that the only person who won the challenge was a former Navy Seal :)

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