Thursday, November 4, 2010

Expanding Your Arsenal

We posted a video today on youtube ( that showed me working with a new tool that I was very excited about.  This of course was the sandbag.  After listening to fellow strength and conditioning professional Josh Henkin discuss all of the great benefits of his ultimate sandbag, I was compelled to give this thing a shot.  He explained so eloquently how the dynamic loading patterns really encompassed true functional training and how variable load conditioning can really enhance proprioceptive awareness, stability, core strength, and increase intensity substantially.  I have to say he delivered on all of these promises.  Not only was this tool constructed with superior quality but it offered all of the elements Josh had spoken about.  After one workout all I thought to myself was how amazing this tool was and how I couldn't wait to get these into our studio to use them in our classes.  Of course I knew that I would need at least 30 days of intimate exposure and self sacrifice with this tool to really become more familiar with it.

It dawned on me how if you do not keep your hunger up for new knowledge you could be not only sacrificing your own benefits but what you are able to offer others as well.  Additionally, it is these new challenges that reignite the passion in what you do... full force.  The mastery process of a new tool, how it can benefit other areas you have already grooved, and ultimately how well you understand your craft - that is what it's all about.  At times I see trainers fall into the habit of finding certain techniques, certain modalities, and certain equipment choices, deeming them the best and never trying anything else.  This can be a fatal flaw simply because as Josh says "this tool is not meant to replace any other tools, it is merely meant to compliment them."  This really is important because if you think about your approach to training from a strategic viewpoint, who has the advantage in becoming capable of greater performance: the person who uses one or two tools for everything or the person who utilizes a variety of tools in a way that improve many different aspects of performance?  I think that one of the best practices one can have is throwing themselves into new and unfamiliar territory and learning how to adapt to the philosophies and techniques within that discipline. This is where not only improvement, but true self discovery is fostered.  All I know is I am excited to be in this profession that I am in and cannot wait to keep learning and improving....every day!    

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  1. I think it's very cool that you guys are experimenting with all sorts of equipment—both traditional, and cutting-edge. So many people these days are looking for "new" things. Your range in equipment and exercise repertoire will set you apart from other fitness studios. Just as you wrote that finding new things ignites new passion, the same can be said about the prospective clients. One of the biggest factors in motivation is attempting new and challenging tasks. What better way to motivate all these people in San Clemente than to introduce new ways to work out? When the owners are excited, trying out different things, the people stepping into your business will consequently feel that as well. I hope that you will continue to further your knowledge in the "new," and implement them into your business. I look forward to hearing about the next novelty!