Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Updates on BT Fitness

The process for opening our studio is definitely underway and we have made some great strides in the last few weeks.  For those of you who still haven't heard where we will be located, we have secured our location in San Clemente, California in the Courtyards at Talega, which is located at the intersection between Avenida Pico and La Pata. The last step in our journey to opening is waiting for the City of San Clemente to grant us our Conditional Use Permit, which, fingers crossed, we are hoping to receive by the beginning of February. If everything goes right with the City, we will begin a minor amount of renovations to get our studio set up and hopefully ready for you to come train in February! 

During this waiting period, we have been visiting trade shows and business workshops, attending various networking meetings, and volunteering our time at community based events!  We have to say the process is exciting and demanding but we can't wait to open our doors and see our vision become a reality. After working out at a chain gym yesterday and seeing the same "box gym" layout consisting of machine-based fitness and station-to-station training, our confidence in our mission - to offer high quality training and instruction with an affordable results driven approach - was reinforced. We truly want to offer a progressive approach to working out and contribute to what we believe to be the future of the fitness industry.  We will continue to keep everyone posted as we get closer to our grand opening. We are passionate in the continued belief that our principles will transform your fitness...and transform your body.          

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